Friends of the Lancaster Public Library  - Supporting the Lancaster Public Library since 1953
Friends of Lancaster Public Library
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Lancaster City Branch: 125 N. Duke Street,

Lancaster, PA  17202

The Lancaster City Branch of the Friends of Lancaster Public Library is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting Lancaster Public Library through fundraising activities, new programming, and promoting understanding and appreciation of the Library’s role in our diverse community.

Why support the Friends? It’s simple, really. The Library provides educational and personal enrichment opportunities for all ages – with most of them available free of charge.  Our community enjoys a variety of media from books to DVDs  as well as children’s programs and adult classes on topics ranging from computers to citizenship. While demand for services is growing, Lancaster Public Library must increasingly rely on community-based support as government funding steadily declines. Your Library’s future lies in citizens like you. Every dollar raised by the Friends goes directly to the Library.

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